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A Bride's Best Friend: The story behind our logo.

For some of us, our dogs are not just our family pets, they are truly our family. We love them more than anything, we spoil them, and we treat them like human members of the household (sometimes even better haha!) My dogs, like many dogs, are a great source of comfort and emotional support for me. They have made me laugh every day they have been a part of my life nd I cannot imagine life without them. I just love dogs. I never imagined though that I would ever get married again after a rough divorce and end up with SIX dogs in a small house! (Don’t panic! All wedding dresses I sell are kept safely away from all dogs at my mom’s house because I learned very early on that dogs and wedding dresses DO NOT MIX! Someday I will blog about the Archer and Vera Wang dress incident.) When I first started planning my wedding, I knew that I HAD to incorporate my fur babies because our love of dogs is what brought me and my now husband together in the first place. When we started dating, I had my 4 Boxers (Ahsoka, Archer, Fynnegan and Loki) and Pete had his 4 Pit Bulls (Stella, Boss, Check, and Fat Boy). (I should note that I will fight anyone who says Boxers are not the CUTEST and funniest dogs in the world! Pete's pitties are cute, but not anywhere close to as cute as my babies)

 I saw all the adorable online pictures of dogs announcing wedding engagements, dogs in little pink dresses and doggy tuxedos walking down the aisle and posing so obediently for wedding photos. I knew though, that none of these ideas would work for me and my very naughty (but very cute!) dogs so I had to get creative for them to be able to be included in the wedding.  But that is a whole other blog altogether…. We are here to talk about the story behind the Here Comes The Bride On A Budget Logo!

I was so excited when my beautiful logo was ready to be used! It was quite the ordeal getting a customized logo, and I went down a couple of different avenues that ended in disaster before I found an amazing local artist (shameless plug for Mark Daniels who owns Creative Chamelon in Pocatello, ID). People often ask- "What's with the dog?"

Before I contacted Mark about designing my logo, I was really trying hard to do it myself. During one of my many web searching sessions during my wedding planning adventure, I came across an adorable picture of a boxer dog sitting next to a bride and looking up at her bouquet. I wanted nothing more than to re-create this for my logo with my female boxer Ahsoka who is sadly getting older.  Long story short.... Ahsoka is NOT model material. She is cute, as I have mentioned now a couple of times, but not at all photogenic. As also previously mentioned, she is not one of those obedient dogs that I have heard do indeed exist (most likely not a Boxer). Once we finally got her to sit still on the wedding dress train that we had to re-arrange about 56 times, she wouldn't stop trying to eat the flowers during the attempted photo shoot. Consequently, this was Lesson #2 in learning that dogs and beautiful, expensive wedding dresses probably should not mix, and that is when I also learned that I should probably defer to a professional for logo design going forward.

 The placement of the dog in the logo was a hot topic of conversation around here! My mom was adamant to not have the dog drawn touching the dress because “Not everyone loves dogs as much as we do, and they might think you let dogs all over the dresses!” So, the dog was strategically drawn away from the dress. But not TOO far! Just far enough... which is also a story for another blog which I will dedicate to Mark and The Creative Chameleon, and I will probably title "How to design logos for clients who are ridiculously picky about things that make no sense to normal people without losing your mind". I was also very picky about the flowers the bride is holding because my own wedding was coming up and I wanted to incorporate my colors into the logo. Roses and lilacs were a big part of my wedding because they remind me of my grandparents who are no longer with us. I am very blessed to still live in their house and have the beautiful rose bushes that my grandpa planted years ago still bloom in our garden every year. I won’t even get into the tag line fiasco regarding the logo! Just know that there was once a tag line, and now there is not and I’m 100% ok with this. 😂 And that is the story of how our logo came to be!

Grandpa's Roses

Ahsoka's first and last modeling gig

Archer- The #1 reason we cannot have nice things

Ahsoka pre-modeling days

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